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Monday- Friday
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I am, Dave Borman, your licensed massage therapist. What are you looking for in massage? Massage can maximize your personal energy forces; this may lead to greater relaxation, focus, less stress, and individual drive in your everyday activities. Our goal, as a therapist and client, is to optimize your inner energy potential.

In this day and age we find many of our lives pulled in one direction and then another. Taking time out for “you” is sometimes a larger task then we could ever imagine. You make sure you change your oil in the car at 3,000 miles, don't you? Why don't you take your deserved break and just let yourself RELAX. Take your stress and worries and leave them at the front door.

Dave Borman, LMT
If you have not received a massage before prepare to be energized! Whether you are attending a guided meditation class or receiving a hot/cold stone treatment you are taking the first steps in natural stress relief and an increase in your overall well being. I really enjoy Sports Massage as well; I admire the desire and determination of local and professional athletes.

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years; the benefits can be overwhelming. Massage can be an aid in pain management, structural balance, and overall rejuvenation. I would like to Thank you for choosing me as your LMT and I look forward to many years as your therapist.

Accomplishments and Awards

LMT Sports Team
Member 2008 - 2011
Student therapist 2007

Sports Massage Therapist
& Sponsor 2009
  • Certified Pre/Post Sports Massage
    Recovery and Maintenance

  • Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Reflexologist
    (Bryant Method - Soft Touch)

  • FSMTA Sports Massage Team Member '08-'11

  • FSMTA Member '08-'13

  • Nationally Certified LMT

St.Anthony's Triathlon
LMT Sports Team
Member 2009 -2013
Student therapist 2008

Other Sporting Events:

Dunedin Triathlon
Sports Massage
Therapist 2009